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After graduating from ETSA Barcelona, I started my PhD research on the work of Le Corbusier with thesis director Prof. Josep Quetglas at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. I won a fellowship of the Foundation Le Corbusier, which led me to Paris to live “in residence” at the home of Le Corbusier, while researching his archives. Later in 2006, I came to the USA as a Fulbright scholar to do a Masters in Architecture II at Harvard University GSD. Afterwards, I came to New York to complete his PhD at Columbia GSAPP with Prof. Kenneth Frampton, Mary McLeod and Jean Louis Cohen. In 2010, I defended my thesis “Architecture and Revolution: Pavillon des Temps Nouveaux by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret at the 1937 International Exposition in Paris.” My research gave me a chance to go deep into the work and ideas of Le Corbusier and garner inspiration from his project for the “Radiant City” for my vision for the future of cities. It also showed me how a career in architecture could entail much more than just designing buildings, but could also lead to a career as an influencer, writer, leader and visionary for a new way of living and being.

Authored Books

Resilient Homes Design Challenge, 2019

Le Corbusier - Miracle Boxes, 2010

Pratt Institute, New York

Resilient Schools, 2015

Architecture and Revolution- Pavillon des Temps Nouveaux, PhD Thesis 2010

PhD Thesis at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, 2010

Breaking Borders: New Latin American Architecture, 2012

Pratt Institute (in process)

Design Guide to NYC, 2008

Parsons the New School for Design, ed. Blur, New York

Authored Articles

 ShenzhenBao’an Airport in China, in View 2008, Harvard GSD, Cambridge, 2008               

The Aquarelle of the Sveti Ioan Predtecha Church, in Massilia 2006, Annuaire d’Etudes Corbusiennes, Ed. Fondation Le Corbusier, Paris, 2006                

Barcelona-Madrid Arquitecturas, COAC, Barcelona, Spain, 2006

Städtebauliche Höhenflüge, General Anzeiger, Switzerland, 2005               

Züruck zur Vision, Aargauer Zeitung, Switzerland, 2005 

Catedra Blanca 4, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain, 2004

Pole Europe, Vol.1, University of Applied Sciences Aargau, Switzerland, 2004

Work featured in Publications

Le Corbusier – Miracle Boxes, Pratt Institute School of Architecture, New York, 2010

Le Corbusier Architecture and Revolution, Exhibition at TU Eindhoven, Netherlands, 2010

Architecture and Revolution, Exhibition at Columbia, Harvard GSD News, Cambridge MA, 2009

Design Process in Le Corbusier Exhibition, Harvard GSD News, Cambridge MA, 2008

Städtebauliche Höhenflüge, General Anzeiger, Brugg, 2005

Züruck zur Vision, Aargauer Zeitung, Brugg, 2005

Catedra Blanca 4, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona, 2004

Pole Europe, Vol.1, University of Applied Sciences Aargau, Windisch, 2003

Architettura Firenze, Architectural Department, University of Florence, 2002

Work in Special Collections

2010                Le Corbusier – Miracle Boxes, Study Collection, The Museum of Modern Art, New York

2010                Baukunde Faculteit, TU Eindhoven, the Netherlands

2009                Ivan Shumkov Collection, Avery Library, Columbia University, New York

2008                Special Collections, Loeb Library, Harvard University GSD, Cambridge MA

Academic Research

Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, MA, USA

Constellations of Cinema and Architecture in Eisenstein and Le Corbusier, advisor: Prof. Giuliana Bruno, 2008

Le Corbusier and the Architectural Revolution of the Modernity, advisor: Prof. Alina Payne, 2008

The Constructivist Psycomp: The Psychological Search in the Spatial Compositions of Sergei Eisenstein in the 1925 Film The Battleship Potemkin, advisor: Prof. Giuliana Bruno, 2007

The Design Process in Le Corbusier’s Architecture, advisor: Prof. Michael Hays, 2007

Architecture, Science and Technology in the 1930’s Paris, advisor: Prof. Antoine Picon, 2006

Foundation Le Corbusier, Paris, France

The Reconstruction of Pavillon des Temps Nouveaux, 1937 Paris, advisor: Prof. Jean-Louis Cohen, 2006-08

Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain

PhD Thesis: Architecture and Revolution: Pavillon des Temps Nouveaux  by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret at the International Exhibition of 1937 in Paris, advisor: Prof. Josep Quetglas, 2006-10

The Access of the Pavilion des Temps Nouveaux, Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, 1937 International Exhibition in Paris, advisor: Prof. Josep Quetglas, 2006

Kunsthaus Bregenz, Peter Zumthor and Pavillon des Temps Nouveaux Paris, Le Corbusier y Pierre Jeanneret, advisor: Prof. Xavier Monteys, 2006

Crystal Palace, London 1951, advisor: Prof. Josep Quetglas, 2005

The synthesis of space and time in the architecture without a place and ephemeral. A Study of the Identity in the International Exhibitions: Crystal Palace by Joseph Paxton and the Swiss Sound Box by Peter Zumthor, advisor: Prof. Alfons Soldevila, 2005

The House according to Louis I. Kahn, advisor: Prof. Antonio Armesto, 2005

The Horizons of Le Corbusier, advisor: Prof. Xavier Monteys, 2004

University of Florence, Florence, Italy

The Virtual Space of Brunelleschi Chapel in the Santa Maria Novella Painting by Masaccio, advisor: Prof. Marco Jaff, 2001