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Architecture and Urban Design

I began my architectural practice in Barcelona, where I worked at multiple offices, including Estudio Ferrater (which later became OAB). I also worked on my own projects for a number of architectural commissions and competitions. Afterwards, he continued to pursue his passion for architecture together with other professional projects. In parallel with my architectural practice, Ivan has taught, lectured, researched, exhibited, and published on architecture in Europe, Brazil, Colombia, China, and the US. He became a licensed architect in Spain and Italy in 2004 and has maintained an architectural practice in New York.

My design work allowed him to go deeper into his understanding of architecture as a discipline and profession. He enjoyed the process of materializing a vision into something physical that can have such a direct impact on people’s lives.

I was a vice-president and later a director on the board of e-DAU in Brazil.

In May 2021, I started working at the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Sofia municipality, Bulgaria’s capital. My initial role was to coordinate the urban design and development of the southern neighborhoods of Sofia.

Architecture Projects

UFPR University- Campus Cabral Curitiba, 2012

Metro Station 20, 2011

Airport Shenzhen, 2008

Ecolomy Hub, 2007

Columbia Student Housing, 2007

Lunit Houses, 2006

Union of the Architects in Aragon, 2006

Social Cultural Center Laxe, 2006

Apartment Building Madrid, 2006

Ski Resort Hotel Masella, 2005

Gabriel Garcia Lorca Foundation Granada, 2004

Park dell’Estaut Olesa, 2004

University of Aargau Zurich, 2004

Kindergarten Girona, 2004