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While studying at Harvard University, Ivan has created the Harvard European Club, which he lead until his graduation in 2008. In the same year he created the Harvard Alumni Architectural and Urban Society, as a New York based NGO with more than 2000 members, of which he was the president until 2015. The organization hosted events related to architecture, urban design, real estate and continues to flourish.


At Build Academy, Ivan’s goal is to build a global ecosystem of organizations & professionals within the building industry who work collaboratively and share their skills, knowledge, and projects through an open-source platform. To date, he has collaborated with governments, NGOs, the World Bank, UN, and AirBnB, on multiple impact projects. He has built a community to crowd-source designs for sustainable buildings, solar lights, affordable housing & other functional resources focused on improving the human condition in underdeveloped areas. His mission is to cultivate a global impact community of professionals and companies who seek to build more conscious, resilient, and sustainable habitats, all with the goal of creating the prototype for the future cities of humanity.