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In July 2020, I returned to Sofia to work for the Government of Bulgaria as advisor to the deputy prime minister Tomislav Donchev. In this capacity, he participated in the creation of the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience from COVID-19, the strategy for energy efficiency for buildings, an online education plan, and the digitalization of the building industry. With the latter, Ivan led the team for the creation of the online platform for the building industry, defining the bases for the largest reform in the industry in the last decades.

EU Plan for Recovery and Resilience

During his work at the Bulgarian government, he participated in the createion of a national strategy for energy efficiency, including the renovation of 4000 existing buildings, as part of the EU’s plan for green transformation. Reducing the energy consumption is one of the most efficient ways to slow down climate change and protect people from its disastrous effects.

Digital Transformation

Ivan Shumkov has worked on a platform for digitalizing the building industry of Bulgaria. He led a team of experts from the public and private sectors on creating a strategy for digitalizing all the administrative processes related to the building industry. The platform facilitates the design approval in all its phases and increases the efficiency of the entire creation process from design, through construction, and property management.

Energy Efficiency

I worked on the strategy for energy efficiency and EU renovation Wave part of the Green Deal.