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In the fall of 2013, I started Build Academy – one of the first organizations specializing in online education and professional solutions for the built environment. So far, more than 80,000 people have participated in our online courses and innovation challenges, including architects, engineers, designers, and real estate developers. Build Academy also teaches online courses in the architectural space with the intent of providing open access to skills and knowledge to anyone anywhere around the world. In addition to education, their community has expanded into a crowd-sourcing platform for providing innovative solutions to some of the world’s most urgent problems within the built environment such as building emergency shelters, resilient homes, schools, infrastructure, technology, and establishing prototypes for smart cities. Build Academy became a platform that bridges academia, the private and public sectors, NGOs, global experts and professionals with the mission to create a better environment for our cities and communities.

The goal of Build Academy is to build a global ecosystem of organizations & professionals within the building industry who work collaboratively and share their skills, knowledge and project through an open source platform. To date, we have collaborated with governments, NGOs, the World Bank, UN, and AirBnB, on multiple impact projects. We crowd-source designs for sustainable buildings, solar lights, affordable housing & other functional resources focused on improving the human condition in underdeveloped areas. Our work is tocultivate a global impact community of professionals and companies who seek to build more conscious, resilient and sustainable habitats, creating the prototype for the future cities.

Social Impact:

As the founder of Build Academy, I am best known for social impact work on rebuilding communities and cities destroyed by natural disasters. I have cultivated an international membership of 20,000+ professionals, working together on 7 global design challenges, and creating a platform for open source design. Together with my team, I also developed 30+ online courses and programs to educate and empower the global creative community with skills and knowledge to build better. Our work has been widely published and featured at conferences and exhibitions in the USA, Switzerland, Kenya, the Philippines and the United Nations in NY.