Pratt Institute, New York, 2010

The book "Le Corbusier - Miracle Boxes" features the work of Le Corbusier, widely considered the most influential architect of the 20th Century. He is admired not just as an architect and artist, but also as a thinker, agitator, and revolutionary who significantly changed the human condition in modern society. Many of his ideas for reinventing modern living are echoed in current architectural and design thinking.
Named for Le Corbusier’s concept of the boîte à miracles, a container that can be filled with “everything you dream of,” the book focused on the renowned architect’s unique multi-disciplinary approach as demonstrated in his architecture, books, and art. It brings together a wealth of his architectural plans, models, analytical diagrams, as well as images. The book includes articles by Kenneth Frampton, Mary McLeod, Stanislaus von Moos, Deborah Gans and Jose Oubrerie.

Book, exhibition catalogue 2012
Publisher: TBD
Foto: Ivan Shumkov, Randy Duchane
Author: Ivan Shumkov