Harvard GSD, Cambridge MA, 2008

The exhibition was in a very important place both for its location in the GSD and for the legacy of Le Corbusier at Harvard University. It is the place of his Carpenter Center project and the GSD is the University where many of his collaborators and colleagues used to teach. The exhibition was set up at the side entrance of the university from Cambridge Street. It was the connection between the studio spaces, the auditorium, and the street. People could chose weather to enter through the main access or the side access with the exhibition. The strategy that was used was to alter the flux of people going in and out of Gund Hall and invite them to remain at the exhibition. The visitors ware received with images and a movie on their right side, later conduced to the GSD lobby, ending with another movie. The sound of the movies was both a welcome and a goodbye. It captured the visitors’ attention and invited them to look at the materials. The colored drawings, images, and texts brought people back to 1937, which was also the year when Harvard GSD was founded.

Exhibition, February 2008
Area: 150m2 gallery, 70m2 drawings
Client: Harvard European Club
Curator: Ivan Shumkov
Published: Harvard GSD News