Article in Massilia, Barcelona, 2006

The article reconstructs and analyzes the part of Le Corbusier's Voyage d'Orient (journey to the east) when he crossed the Balkan Mountains. 
The research discovered the origin of the first water colors painting that he did on the Journey- the church Sveti Ioan Predtecha in Gabrovo from June 26, 1911. The church, unidentified until now, has many similarities with his later 1951 Ronchamp Chapel: size, proportions, colors, access, site condition, etc. Le Corbusier spent only one day in Gabrovo, coming from Turnovo and heading to Istanbul, but the little church inspired him to use the watercolor technique and make one of his most remarkable drawings from the Journey to the East.

Article 2006
Author: Ivan Shumkov
Oublished in: Massilia 2006, Annuaire d'études corbuséennes