ETSA Barcelona, 2003

After the political decision to unify and centralize the University of Applied Sciences, Aargau in the cities of Brugg and Windisch, the entire region received a substantial impulse to develop and grow. Because of that exist the possibility of a central intervention directed toward a global effect on the urban development. The main goal of the project is to establish a spatial connection inside the urban fabric for the initiation of a sustainable architecture. The concept consists in creating a network that unifies and implies the global development and the potential growth in the future. The new area of the station is converted in the main public space for the two cities and changes what was before the separation between them and the most important connection. This changes remarkably not just the characteristics but also the spatial structure of Brugg and Windisch and will finally unify them.

Research Project, June 2003
Client: FHA Aargau
Author: Ivan Shumkov
Published: Catedra Blanca 4