Curitiba, 2012

The new UFPR Campus Cabral is a center of learning of arts and design for the XXI century. It is dedicated to communication, design, and arts and will later include also architecture. These subjects proved fundamental for generating a new vision for our universities and society. Our idea is to build a highly inter-connected building that stimulated the interaction between these multiple disciplines and enhances the uniqueness of each one of them. The Campus will also give a sense of community to the academia and the entire Cabral neighborhood.
Spatially, the Campus is made with tree blocks and the existing building, which are connected between them externally with two ramps and internally with four bridges. The external ramps, wrapped with a curtain of vegetation, connect the little square at the entrance of the communications department with the department of design on the first floor, and the department of arts and music on the second floor. Internally the university has a sequence of double height spaces, which can be experienced by the students and faculty who walk between the departments and the administration.

Competition: July 2012
Program: New University Campus
Area: site 17000m2, built 36000m2
Client: Federal University of Parana
Architects: Ivan Shumkov, Xavier Vilalta, Marcio da Costa Pereira
Collaborators: Gabriel Calatrava (structure), Laura Molina (sustainability), Maria Cecilia Tavares (research), Maria Rosaria Favoino (design), Simone Polli (urbanism), Boris Lekomovich, Ivo Tiago, Alicja Strzezynska