Sofia, 2011

The new Metro Station 20 will foster the development of Druzhba and improve the living condition of its people. It is both a new infrastructure and a social space for Sofia. The name of the neighborhood "Druzhba" means "Friendship" so our project emphasizes the social interactions in the station, the pedestrian streets and the squares. Therefore we propose two public plazas dedicated to Europe and Bulgaria, celebrating the 2007 membership into the European Union. They can be used for children's playgrounds, markets, fairs and art. The squares are the gathering places for the people of the Druzhba neighborhood and their visitors.
The station and the surrounding public space are a new urban landscape, inspired by the nature of Bulgaria - valleys, rivers and mountains. The volume of the entrances is an interpretation of the nearby Vitosha Mountain, which can also be seen from the station. One side of it has steps and paved surface, so that people can walk on it and look around from a higher point of view. This elevated podium is a place for speeches to an audience in the square or for musicians to make a concert. The other half of the entrance has a glass roof, which brings natural light all the way down to the subway platforms.

Competition 2011
Program: subway station, two squares, [edestrian street
Area: station 2000m2,public spaces 3000m2
Client: Subway Sofia
Foto: Ivan Shumkov, Randy Duchane
Architects: Ivan Shumkov and Xavier Vilalta
Collaborators: Noelia Arquero, Teresa