Eindhoven, the Netherlands, 2009

The exhibition “Architecture and Revolution” is dedicated to the exhibitions, pavilions, and books of Le Corbusier. The main subject is the Pavillon des Temps Nouveaux at the International Exposition of 1937 in Paris. The design of the exhibition space is determined by the possibilities of the gallery of TU Eindhoven. The central position of the panels allows people to go on both sides when they walk in the lobby. This creates a natural separation between the people going in and out of the University. The movement of people and the wind currents in the space move the exhibition panels and remind of the canvas of the Pavillon des Temps Nouveaux. The panels are handing from the ceiling on steel cables and floating above the ground. They are also separated between themselves so that the visitors can see through them while looking at the exhibition.

Commission, 2010
Program: exhibition
Area: 450m2 gallery, 90m2 drawings
Client: Baukunde Faculteit, TU Eindhoven
Architect: Ivan Shumkov
Collaborators: TU Staff