Bao’An Airport
Shenzhen, China, 2008

An airport can be seen as a gateway between the place where it is located and the world. The Bao’An Airport project is a unique landmark for the city of Shenzhen seen both from the ground and from the sky. It relates to the curved shapes of the airplane shapes and the local Chinese architecture. The whole airport is designed with a system of domes that host the lounges, concourses, entrance areas, and offices. The spatial character of the project is different in the entrance, the check-in area and the waiting lounges.

International Competition, 2008
Program: airport, commercial, offices, parking
Area: 400.000 m2 built, 150.000m2 open
Client: Shenzhen Municipal Government and Shenzhen Airport
Architect: Ivan Shumkov
Published in View 2008 and exhibited at the Harvard GSD in June 2008