Dubai, UAE, 2007

The project is about a sustainable building in Dubai. The question was how to build an energy efficient building in the desert. Sustainability is seen here as an approach that has to be in the project in the beginning of the design process. The strategy was to use the maximum of natural resources as wind, sun, earth, and water for the cooling, ventilating and energy making in the building. At the same time, the building combines the three functions of urbanism: living, working, and leisure in the same place. It minimizes the need for transportation as people can reach every living space by walking.
The building has an inclined section that minimizes the exposure of the living space to the sun. The internal patios provide natural light and ventilation to all parts of the building. It provides natural cooling resources by using wind towers, evaporative cooling pools, solar panels, and ventilation. The wind turbines are oriented toward the direction of the wind. The solar panels are on the roof of the building and both protect it from the sun and produce energy.
The project goal is to be an example for sustainable architecture that would be an example for the whole region. It is a research both on design and sustainability strategies. It has unique architectural design that is also energy efficient and environmentally friendly. It is a pilot project for Dubai and would be the reference for future sustainable development in the region.

Project, 2007
Program: residential, restaurant, cinema, public squares, parking, research center
Area: 43.000m2 built, 16.000m2 open
Architect: Ivan Shumkov