Harvard GSD, 2006

The project is about a prefabricated housing prototype. It is on three different scales: small for a single family, medium for a large family and XL for a housing block.
The membrane of the building could be made with concrete, plastic, metal or glass. Each panel of the membrane has triangular shape and can be designed according to their material, the exposure to the Sun, and the needs of the space in the interior. Its openings are parametrically defined and controlled by the architect.
S The place of the geometrical vertices can be controlled parametrically. This allows to control the shape of the project and expand it when necessary of minimize it when it is excessive.
M The medium house has a diagonal spatial connection from the lower floors to the rooftop.
L The large configuration has patios that allow the light to come in. It has an adaptable shape.

Project, 2006
Program: singe family residences
Size: S-170m2; M-360m2; L-850m2;
XL-2.000 m2 built,
Architect: Ivan Shumkov