Laxe, Galicia, Spain, 2005

The qualities and history of the place are the inspiration for the design. The project takes advantage of its unique site on the edge of the city, between the sea and the land. The project is inspired by the breakwaters shape and compositions. People place it on the edge if the sea to protect them from the waves. The stones are also the traditional material of the place, city of Laxe. The Celts have left their signs on their stones and houses. The apses of the church in Laxe are also made of stone prisms, placed on a horizontal plane.

International Competition, 2005
Program: cultural center, kindergarten, offices, auditorium, square
Area: 2.150 m2 built, 7.300 m2 open
Client: Concello de Laxe
Architects: Ivan Shumkov, Xavier Vilalta