Brugg-Windisch, 2004

The project addresses many of the challenges in the area with a single, multifunctional building. It is a multifunctional node that includes a University building, train and bus station, commercial bridge, administration, parking and public spaces, all of which are related among them and complete. As is the case of many cities, this project is a generator of activities located in the most fragile part of the urban grid. It converts what it is now the separation of the cities into a place of events of great interest and symbol of the union between Brugg and Windisch.

Diploma Project, 2004
Program: university, commercial bridge, train and bus stations, administration, public spaces, parking and infrastructures
Area: 8.000m2 built, 4.700m2 open
Client: Cites of Brugg and Windisch, FHA University of Aargau, Train Station
Architect: Ivan Shumkov
Published: PFC, 2004 ETSA Barcelona/UPC
Exhibited: FHA Aargau, 2005