Granada, Spain 2004

The project for the Federico Garcia Lorca Foundation captures and synthesizes the peculiarities of Granada, as the famous Andalucían poet did in his work. It is situated in a very important and strategic position for the city, close to the cathedral and in the end of a big square. The building absorbs the public life and guides it through its interior. The two courts interpret the idea of the traditional Mediterranean patio and give light and spatial richness to the articulated interior through the vivid external membrane of the facades.
The program is organized on different levels, regarding the sequence of public and more private areas. This gives the perception of the totality of the building from the entrance to the panoramic bar on the top where the visitors can admire the magnificent view to the Alhambra and the whole city.

Competition, October 2004
Program: auditorium, school, gallery, parking, offices, bar, garden
Area: 1.660 m2 built
Client: Gabriel Garcia Lorca Foundation
Architects: Ivan Shumkov, Xavier Vilalta