Girona, 2004

The project explores the relationship between the perceptions during the children’s growth, and the time-space organization within the kindergarten. The sequence of the rooms depends on the age of the children that occupy them. The first experience with different sensations intersects with the intuition and memories, younger children hear and see what will happen to them when they grow, and older children have a reminder of their earlier experiences. The building also acts as an important urban pole, as it is a new connection on the north south axis of the city and part of the promenade that goes through the Rambla, across the site and leading to the park.

Competition: July 2004
Program: kindergarten, parking, public square
Area: 750 m2 built, 3.350 m2 open spaces
Client: Municipality of Girona
Architects: Ivan Shumkov, Xavier Vilalta